A Raging Battle / Saved by Grace

I have started a Online Bible Study called Made To Crave. It is an awesome feeling to know that you are not alone.

The topic this week I chose is “A Raging Battle”.

This online study has already opened my eyes to see that I  wear my life experiences like a badge. A badge that I don’t want to wear but sometimes don’t know how to throw them away without picking them back up. I have always said to people that try to get close to me “you want like me once you get to know me”. I feel like I sabotage relationships before they get started. Because of the guilt of my past, not being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. I have always felt like second string in everything I have done in my life. The only thing I know without a doubt is, that when I made God the Lord of my life at the age of 13 I did a great thing. But the failures in my life I have made a badge mentally to say “see there” you come in second. Why can’t you overcome the need for craving attention, approval, food, others opinion. This is a raging battle for me daily. I feel like I am a good person who loves people, cares about people. 

My goal in this bible study is to learn to go to God (Crave Him) when I feel those thoughts of not good enough. To take those life badges and replace them with God’s goodness, mercy, grace, everlasting love. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13